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2024 Farm Bill Advocacy Campaign

Support the American Farmers Feed the World Act of 2023

Support Trade Programs in the 2023 Farm Bill

As Congress works to reauthorize the Farm Bill in 2023, I am asking for support of the Expanding Agricultural Exports Act (S. 176) and Agriculture Export Promotion Act (H.R. 648).

NAWG Resolutions

NAWG’s resolutions give direction to the NAWG officers on critical policy issues affecting wheat growers across the country. These resolutions, approved by NAWG policy committees and the NAWG Board of Directors, are the official policies of the organization.

How We Make Policy

NAWG’s strength comes from the grassroots; stemming directly from wheat growers who research these issues through their livelihoods, help form policy and educate policy makers in Washington, D.C.,
about how these issues affect our nation’s wheat farms.


Recognizing Needs

NAWG’s policy comes up from the countryside through county committees, which send policy ideas and resolutions to state associations, which set their policy and bring priorities to the national association.


Farmers who step up to represent their state associations on NAWG’s Board of Directors serve as the crucial link between individual wheat growers, the state organizations and the national organization in Washington, D.C.


In conjunction with its grower leaders and state affiliates, NAWG is in regular contact with its federal partners in Washington, D.C., to advocate for the wheat industry. Though these state associations vary in size, composition, and resources, leaders from all affiliates come together to create a strong national organization with a unified wheat-focused voice.

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