Wheat Growers Commend Congress for Reversing Cuts to Crop Insurance

Congress passed legislation late last night reversing cuts to crop insurance that were made in the recent budget deal. The legislation—included as part of the highway bill—nullified what would have been a $3 billion cut to crop insurance over ten years. NAWG President, Brett Blankenship, a wheat grower from Washtucna, Wash., issued the following statement in response to the legislation.

“Last night’s vote was a huge victory for our agricultural producers and consumers everywhere. Congress made a five-year commitment to our producers when it passed the Farm Bill last year, and yesterday’s votes in the House and Senate confirmed that commitment. Wheat farmers across the country rely on crop insurance to help offset the risks of things that are beyond our control such as drought, severe weather events and market prices depressed by a strong U.S. dollar. The draconian cuts included as part of the budget agreement, which were reversed last night, would have increased the cost of delivering the program, reduced options for producers, and ultimately made premiums more expensive. We sincerely appreciate the corrective action taken by Congress, as do the thousands of farm families who grow wheat across our country.”