NAWG Is Now Accepting Applications for CEO


April 1, 2016

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) is a federation of 22 state wheat grower associations that works to represent the needs and interests of wheat producers before Congress and federal agencies. Based in Washington, D.C., NAWG is grower-governed and grower-funded, and works in areas as diverse as federal farm policy, trade, environmental regulation, agricultural research and sustainability.

Vision statement: “Advancing Wheat Through Advocacy, Alliances, and Innovation.”

Mission statement: “Mobilize U.S. wheat farmers to advocate for beneficial policies, cultivate productive relationships with partners and the public, and champion opportunities through research, innovation, education, and stewardship.”

NAWG must effectively address the following critical success factors:

  • Advance NAWG’s Wheat policies and priorities in Washington D.C.
  1. Increase and focus lobbying efforts with close involvement of NAWG Officers, Policy Committee members and NAWG Directors
  2. Develop high level policy through productive and engaging framework
  • Promote unity and partnerships across the wheat industry
  1. Establish strong relationships through the wheat chain
  2. Develop ongoing dialogue with industry partners and expand relationships, working towards unified ag policy
  3. Provide training for members to assume leadership roles
  • Promote research and technology advancements for the wheat industry
  1. Seek commercialization of wheat developed through biotech and new novel breeding techniques
  2. Encourage continued investment and innovation in wheat research
  3. Develop additional revenue streams for producers
  4. Identify value for wheat beyond food
  • Broaden financial base
  1. Seek and motivate new members
  2. Provide increased service to members
  • Provide more effective communications
  1. Enhance communications dialogue with our industry partners
  2. Expand public profile with media outreach
  3. Continue grassroots input

The Position

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides leadership to the organization to ensure the optimum utilization of the Association’s financial, physical, technological and human resources to achieve the Association’s mission and strategic objectives. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors through the officers of the Executive Committee. All NAWG staff are supervised, hired, and, when necessary, terminated by the CEO.

The CEO guides the work of NAWG staff to ensure focus on governmental affairs and policy matters as they relate to federal legislation and regulation. He/she guides and directs financial, educational, communication and meeting organization through the balance of the staff. In consistency with NAWG’s grassroots culture and farmer-leadership, the CEO often assists the staff in execution of Association projects.

The CEO meets with the officers regularly and maintains an outside role in trade, professional and industry groups which he/she deems appropriate for Association welfare and objectives. The CEO is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee (officers), and guidance from the Committee is implemented through and by the CEO.

The CEO represents NAWG’s interests to membership/partners in achieving growth and in taking the Association to new levels of industry impact. These high expectations require demonstrating strategic vision, a talent for execution and an ability to develop understanding and consensus among members and partners.

The NAWG CEO also serves as the Executive Director of the National Wheat Foundation (NWF), the wheat industry’s charitable foundation. NWF owns an office building on Capitol Hill that houses NAWG and several outside tenants. Since NWF has no employees, it contracts with NAWG for administrative services that include tenant lease negotiations, building maintenance and services, and management of other Foundation projects including three leadership programs offered in conjunction with agribusiness sponsors.

NAWG operates a political action committee (WheatPAC), and the CEO is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the PAC are conducted in accordance with appropriate regulations and statutes, as well as with direction from the NAWG Board of Directors.

Duties and Skills Required:

A successful CEO will:

  • Be responsible for overseeing the Association with the objective of providing maximum service to its members and industry partners, government agencies, professional societies and the public. The CEO will establish and promote corporate values to ensure the future success of the Association.
  • Work with the staff to foster a professional work environment, encouraging teamwork and open communication. The CEO will guide and assist the staff in working to carry out the directives of the Board.
  • Work with the Board of Directors to build enthusiasm and vision for the Association. The CEO will work to create effective and professional relationships with the Board and to find consensus among NAWG’s diverse stakeholders. The CEO will have a clear understanding of the Board of Director responsibilities.
  • Work with the officer team to interpret the Board of Directors objectives into short-  and long-term plans and budgets and successfully execute the plan. The CEO will work with the officer team in preparing recommendations and making decisions on matters involving the Association.
  • Work to forge and maintain effective relationships with external influencers in the wheat industry including mutually beneficial relationships with his/her counterparts at otherwheat industry organizations and other ag organizations.
  • Be responsible for all business operations of NAWG and NWF while maintaining the organizations’ respect and integrity with legislative and industry groups.


  • Substantial experience in agricultural or farm policy analysis at national or state levels (Active past farm bill experience preferred)
  • College degree and/or related experience
  • General management experience in the agricultural sector with experience in the political process
  • Strong personal integrity in supervising the finances and business activities of the Association


  1. Experience in the development and implementation of a strategic plan
  2. Demonstrated leadership
  3. Motivation and communication skills
  4. Strong business development skills
  5. Experience in public speaking and fund raising
  6. Position offers a negotiable salary, retirement plan and comprehensive benefits.


Interested candidates should (e)mail a cover letter, resume, four (4) professional references, and salary history on or before Monday May 2, 2016 to, or:

NAWG CEO Search Committee
C/O Gordon Stoner, President
415 Second Street, NE #300
Washington, DC 20002

Direct questions and/or inquiries to:

Gordon Stoner, NAWG President
Cell: 406-895-7967

David Schemm, NAWG Vice President
Cell: 785-852-4967