PRESS RELEASE: Illinois Wheat Officially Joins the National Association of Wheat Growers

Washington, D.C. (February 06, 2018) Today, the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) announced that the Illinois Wheat Association has officially joined NAWG, becoming the 21st affiliated state association.

“The Illinois wheat industry carries a long and rich history within the state,” said Gordon Stoner, President of the National Association of Wheat Growers and Outlook, Montana farmer. “Illinois having a seat at the table allows us to better understand the concerns and needs of their growers and ensure wheat remains a relevant crop on Illinois farms.”

Illinois Wheat Association celebrated 20 years of serving the Illinois wheat industry from producer to processor in 2015. Illinois Wheat Association provides educational opportunities, encourages research relating to wheat and wheat products, promotes marketing alternatives, and represents its members in state and federal legislative activities relating to the needs of the Illinois wheat industry.

“Illinois wheat producers are looking forward to their involvement in NAWG,” stated Mike Doherty, Interim Executive Director, Illinois Wheat Association. “We have a very active state organization and are proud to become members of the national association. We look forward to greater interaction, communications, and education with wheat growers from across the US.”

“NAWG seeks input from wheat growers all across the nation, so we can form well-rounded policy positions that benefit all farmers,” continued Stoner. “NAWG is proud to have Illinois Wheat Association join us as NAWG continues to strive for solutions meeting the needs of America’s wheat producers.”

More than 100 years ago Illinois led the nation in the production of wheat. Even though the trend in acres harvested each year has declined, better yields produce an adequate supply from fewer acres. Wheat ranks third in crop production in Illinois.


About NAWG

NAWG strives to mobilize U.S. wheat farmers to advocate for beneficial policies, cultivate productive relationships with partners and the public, and champion opportunities through research, innovation, education and stewardship. NAWG works with a team of 21 state wheat grower organizations to benefit the wheat industry at state and national levels. From their offices in the Wheat Growers Building on Capitol Hill, NAWG’s staff members are in constant contact with state association representatives, NAWG grower leaders, Members of Congress, Congressional staff members and the public.